Friday, July 29, 2011

Samntha Sweet by Connie Shelton

Title:   Sweet Masterpieces and Sweet's Sweets

Author: Connie Shelton

Series: Samantha Sweet Mysteries

Type of book: Murder Mystery, Slightly Paranormal

Why did I read it? I liked the other series I recently finished by this same author

How did I read it?:  Kindle eReader

Level of captivity: Extremely captivating

Scale of Fun

(1-5, 1=not so much,  5=so much fun I want more.)           4.9

Insomnia Scale

(1-5, 1=can stop reading and go to sleep at the proper bed time, 5=can’t sleep ‘til I am finished)                                                                             4.3

What I got from the book: My only issue with reading these books (there are two so far) is I find myself wanting sugary goodies to snack on. Sam Sweet is an entrepreneurial sort just trying to survive and build up her savings account so she can realize a dream of opening her own bakery. Along the way she finds herself embroiled in finding dead bodies, magical boxes, and dare it be true, a handsome sheriff deputy that sets his sights on wooing her. I do look forward to reading more of her future crime solving adventures and I will attempt to resist my desire to find a local bakery that can provide some of the treats described in these stories. Of course, this is not the first time reading novels have fired up my sweet tooth. I sometimes wistfully long for cake when reading Stephanie Plum adventures as well. If you enjoy those books, you will enjoy these too.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charlie Parker Murder Mysteries

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Titles: Deadly Gamble, Vacations Can Be Murder, Partnerships Can Kill, Small Towns Can Be Murder, Memories Can Be Murder, Holidays Can Be Murder, Honeymoons Can Be Murder, Reunions Can Be Murder, Competition Can Be Murder, Balloons Can Be Murder, Obsessions Can Be Murder, Gossip Can Be Murder, Stardom Can Be Murder.

Author: Connie Shelton

Series: Charlie Parker Murder Mysteries

Type of book: Murder Mysteries

Why did I read it? Since I have relocated from the Southern culture of North Carolina to the Southwestern Culture of New Mexico, finding this series based on characters that live right here in nearby Albuquerque, NM was a pleasant way for me to learn a little about my new home.

How did I read it?:  On My Kindle eBook of course.

Level of captivity: Once I started this series, I kept plowing through them.

Scale of Fun

(1-5, 1=not so much, 5=so much fun I want more.)            4.9

Insomnia Scale

(1-5, 1=can stop reading and go to sleep at the proper bed time, 5=can’t sleep ‘til I am finished)                                                                             4.7

What I got from the book: Reading this series; featuring a female PI (amateur at that); was made interesting as much by her character as by her location. Almost every book gave a little history of New Mexico and featured a beloved custom for me to explore. I was kept guessing as to the outcome of each crime usually and love how this author does not necessarily wimp out on her endings. I also loved that marriage does not take away from the romance in the story’s main love relationship. Yea for Charlie and finding her dream guy and making it work. I especially love that the last two books in this series (so far) took a little different direction in the narrative giving more to the other characters thinking. My favorite form of reading happens to be first person, but keeping Charlie’s views in first person and then telling other character’s part of the story in the third person worked very well for me. I look forward to more from this author about these wonderful characters, and I plan to read another series she has started featuring another character in another NM community.