Friday, July 29, 2011

Samntha Sweet by Connie Shelton

Title:   Sweet Masterpieces and Sweet's Sweets

Author: Connie Shelton

Series: Samantha Sweet Mysteries

Type of book: Murder Mystery, Slightly Paranormal

Why did I read it? I liked the other series I recently finished by this same author

How did I read it?:  Kindle eReader

Level of captivity: Extremely captivating

Scale of Fun

(1-5, 1=not so much,  5=so much fun I want more.)           4.9

Insomnia Scale

(1-5, 1=can stop reading and go to sleep at the proper bed time, 5=can’t sleep ‘til I am finished)                                                                             4.3

What I got from the book: My only issue with reading these books (there are two so far) is I find myself wanting sugary goodies to snack on. Sam Sweet is an entrepreneurial sort just trying to survive and build up her savings account so she can realize a dream of opening her own bakery. Along the way she finds herself embroiled in finding dead bodies, magical boxes, and dare it be true, a handsome sheriff deputy that sets his sights on wooing her. I do look forward to reading more of her future crime solving adventures and I will attempt to resist my desire to find a local bakery that can provide some of the treats described in these stories. Of course, this is not the first time reading novels have fired up my sweet tooth. I sometimes wistfully long for cake when reading Stephanie Plum adventures as well. If you enjoy those books, you will enjoy these too.

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