Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where Will You Run?

Title:   Where Will You Run

Author: M E Franco

Series: The Dion Series

Type of book: Supernatural mystery romance

Why did I read it? Heard about the book and first time published author through a friend.

How did I read it?:  Kindle eReader

Level of captivity: Hard to put down after second chapter

Scale of Fun

(1-5, 1=not so much,  5=so much fun I want more.)           4.2

Insomnia Scale

(1-5, 1=can stop reading and go to sleep at the proper bed time, 5=can’t sleep ‘til I am finished)                                                                             3.5

What I got from the book: This is a new author so I definitely had no expectations. I was delighted to find I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to the second installment of this series. The characters Mari and Raith were developed just enough in this first book to leave me looking forward to more of their back-stories, especially Raith’s. I will tell you I had become bored with vampires but was finally happy to have a different twist on the lore. This is no Twilight. It is better and a little more grown up.

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