Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not One Clue

Title:   Not One Clue
Author: Lois Greiman
Series: Number 6
Type of book: Romantic Mystery and Suspense
Why did I read it? I have read all six of these and would read more if they existed.
How did I read it?:  Kindle eReader
Level of captivity: Had to read this one completely straight through
Scale of Fun
(1-5, 1 = not so much, 5 = so much fun I want more.)        4.8
Insomnia Scale
(1-5, 1=can stop reading and go to sleep at the proper bed time, 5=can’t sleep ‘til I am finished)                                                                             4.8
What I got from the book: Reading through this series featuring a Psychologist and a LAPD cop was like reading through five novels of foreplay before finally getting some satisfaction of a sort. Witty banter and SAT worthy vocabulary abound throughout all of the Christina McMullen series. None of them turns out the way you think they will, but they always make sense at the end. I do expect to have more of Christy and Jack in the future. If you like the fun and adventure of Evanovich’s novels you will want to give These a read while waiting for the next Plum adventure.
Not One Clue: A Mystery Unzipped Unplugged One Hot Mess Unmanned Unscrewed

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