Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stephanie Plum Fun

Title:   Stephanie Plum Series 1-16
Author: Janet Evanovich
Series: Stephanie Plum
Type of book: Romantic mystery, comedy, mayhem
Why did I read it? In anticipation of number 17 coming out in June of 2011 I reread them all in order.
How did I read it?:  Kindle eReader
Level of captivity: Not able to stop until finished and completed them all in about a week.
Scale of Fun         (1-5, 1=not so much,  5=so much fun I want more.)           4.6
Insomnia Scale
(1-5, 1=can stop reading and go to sleep at the proper bed time, 5=can’t sleep ‘til I am finished)                                                                             4.9

What I got from the books: I love fun and I have given up television recently. These books are better than a TV series. I would not mind it if a made for TV series came of them. For some the books read very similarly but for me they were fun all the way through though many times I was frustrated at the endings. Fortunately, for me I only discovered these books this year and could jump right into the next one right away. Okay its true I have no life right now. Still if you need some light and fun reading you cannot go wrong with this series. I like reading a series in order but each one can be taken on its own. I do recommend that you start with One for the Dough if you haven’t read them yet. This does set the tone for Stephanie and wets the appetite for all the missed opportunities that happen throughout the books. I also recommend reading the first because it is about to be a movie coming out in January of 2012. No movie does a book full justice and I believe that having read the book will help fill in blanks that will undoubtedly be in the movie because of time constraints that are part of the media form.
Characters are richly developed and easily rooted for or hated in this series. Many of them arc through several books nicely. A few are present in all of them. There are also the in between stories as well that introduce a character that is starring in his own set of books beginning with Wicked Appetites by the same writer. Having completed 16 in the series it will be difficult to wait for 17 but I will be reading it on my Kindle as soon as it downloads.

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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog. I like to read too. i read different things. I see that you read a lot of romance books. I don't really read romance books but I read many other things. I have enjoyed reading since I was a kid. I feel overwhelmed at times because I have so many books that I want to read lol.